Are you talking to your child? #PUTDOWNTHEPHONE

The Early Childhood Council of Kern County’s goal is to help people understand the importance of talking to children.

We know that 0-5 year olds are more successful in school when parents regularly talk to them! According to an American Academy of Pediatrics Study:
• 73% of parents used a mobile device during meals.
• 40% of meals were eaten outside of the home.
• Some children sat and ate silently.
• The majority of children were restless or acted up to gain parents’ attention which cause most parents to become frustrated.

Wasco restaurateur Rosa Gonzalez is the first to share this important message and will be placing the table tents on every table! The restaurant, the Pico de Gallo at 834 5th Street in Wasco, is often frequented by families and the hope is that families will read the message, put down their cell phones, and enjoy conversations with children. Rosa can be reached at 661 758 0500.

The Council’s efforts also compliment the #DarkforDinner campaign sponsored by the Dixie Company who is encouraging people through a national media campaign to start turning off their phones for Sunday dinner and having conversations with those they are spending time with. For more information to go http://www.dixie.com/darkfordinner

The Council has small posters available for agencies with a lobby and the table tents below are available to restaurants and other places i.e. food courts, lobbies, office reception areas, pediatrician offices, etc.