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Council Members

Members & Appointing AuthorityMember composition:20% Child Care Consumer – a parent or a person who currently is using or used child care or center based care).

20% Child Care Provider – a person who provides child care services in Kern County (family child care or center based care)

20% Community Representative – a person who represents an agency or business that provides private funding for child care services, or who advocates for child care services through participation in civic or community-based organizations but is not a child care provider and does not represent an agency that contracts with the California Department of Education to provide child care and development services

20% Public Agency Representative – a person who represents a city, county, city and county, or local education agency and who funds, regulates, or monitors the delivery of child care services

20% Discretionary Member – appointed from any of the four above categories at the discretion of the appointing agencies.

Executive Committee

  • Chair – Casey Knaak
  • Vice Chair – Danell Ward
  • Secretary – Mike Bledsoe
  • Treasurer – Ginny Layland


Child Care Consumers

Everlie Murillo
KCSOS appointment

Jennifer Slayton
District 1 appointment
Lamont School District Pre-K Program

Jessica Sloan

District 2 appointment
Joyful Junction Christian Preschool

Danell Ward
KCSOS appointment
Bakersfield College Children’s Center

Vacant Position (KCSOS Appointment)

Vacant Position (District 5 Appointment)


Child Care Providers

Mike Bledsoe
District 1 appointment
Delano Union Elementary School District Child Development Programs

Lisa Brum

District 3 appointment

Small Steps Family Child Care

Alesha Hixon

KCSOS appointment

Lost Hills Family Resource Center/Paramount Child Development Center

Virginia Layland
District 5 appointment
Community Action Partnership of Kern, Child Education and Development Services Division

Lupe Sanchez
KCSOS appointment
Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo

Linda Haddadin

(KCSOS appointment)

Discovery Depot Children’s Center


Community Representatives

Jerri Alvarado
District 5 appointment
Bakersfield Homeless Center

Linda Eberhart
District 1 appointment
Eastern Kern County

Marilyln Golleher
KCSOS appointment
Clinica Sierra Vista, Adolescent Family Life Program

Endee Grijalva
District 4 appointment
Fresno Pacific University

Casey Knaak
KCSOS appointment
United Way of Kern County

Courtney Purcell
KCSOS appointment

Bakersfield Behavioral Health Care Hospital


Public Agency Representatives

Jo’L Jackson
KCSOS appointment
Bakersfield College

Veronica Munoz

District 4 appointment

Kern County Department of Child Support

Cheryl Nelson
KCSOS appointment
Community Connection for Child Care

Shannon Oastler

District 3 appointment
Kern County Department of Human Services

Kathy Philley
KCSOS appointment
Bakersfield Adult School Children’s Center

Jennie Sill
District 2 appointment
Kern County Department of Mental Health


Discretionary Members

Myetta Beavers
KCSOS appointment
Child Haven Preschool

Meghan Hall-Silveira

District 4 appointment
Taft College Children’s Center

Lisa Duncan-Purcell
District 3 appointment
CSUB Lecturer

Linda Oates
District 2 appointment
Omni Family Health

Betty Phillips
KCSOS appointment
Retired Pre-K Teacher

Amanda Tumblin
KCSOS appointment
California State University, Bakersfield